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I had so much fun and learned so much…
I had so much fun and learned so much playing with Salama and Azreeeal! I was hard stuck Platinum IV and playing with them I was able to quickly make it to Diamond Rank. I feel so much more confident in my ranked games after playing with them, and would highly recommend Legionfarm!
Legion Farm Pros worth every $
It has been wonderful being able to use professionals with more experience to help improve my gamestyle by improving my situational awareness, and how to properly rotate to take the best position to win gun fights.
This is quite the awesome place
This is quite the awesome place, i've learned and grown so much since I started using the services and actually made friends with several of the Pro's, what a great group of guys and service!
Review about @ezboyeu
Ezboy is a superstar. Absolute madman with a KAR98...cracked. Amazing teamwork. Coached the entire game. High kills. One of my fav gaming sessions ever.
Review about @Szalami1
Really Great to play with as always, Had a blast with him & My friend that was allowed to join us. Always a great time.
Review about @molly
A great player, excellent at on the fly fights, and always picking people out that I might have missed. She can definitely help at improving anyone's gameplay in an easy way. 5/5
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Learn How to Play Warzone with Our Pros

Call of Duty Warzone is a quite complicated game that takes a lot of time and effort to master. If you want to be good at it, you will have to work really hard. That’s as simple as it gets. However, in the process of learning and polishing your skills, you’ll notice that focusing on all the essential parts of the CoD Warzone game is no easy task. That’s when all kinds of tools can come in handy, such as a Warzone tracker or aim trainers. But how can you get the most out of the app and its features? What is more, how can you improve your Warzone stats and become a better player? Here at LegionFarm, we are ready to help you out. To finally start playing like a pro, it’s enough to just play with a pro. Our coaching service works with players of all levels and teams them up with pro gamers and esports champions who know Warzone inside out. Our team of professional players will break down every key element in the game, so there will be nothing left for you to do but to shine. And we mean it: our clients never returned to the previous gaming experience, and now, they enjoy a new way of playing the game after just a few sessions with us.

Why Should You Work with Our Pros?

Not sure if you should play with LegionFarm pros to improve your skills? For sure, this is a kind of service that could change your Warzone experience forever. Here are a few things that you will do once you team up with our professionals:

  • Learn how to create the best Warzone loadouts
  • Find out more about Warzone meta and how it works
  • Learn effective teamwork
  • Get tips on how to speed up the Warzone ranking process
  • Increase your stats
  • Find the best teammates with our CoD Warzone LFG service
What does it take to become the best Warzone player? It’s a lot more than just knowing everything about the Warzone tier list or spending all your free time in the game. That’s the kind of mastery our pro gamers have, and they are here to share their knowledge with you. To find friendly skilled teammates or book your one-on-one personalized session with top-tier coaches, it’s enough just to message us right here in the chat. Getting started is the first step towards your goals, but right after you make it, you’ll get the kind of support you need to master the skill of playing Warzone to the max.

Improve Your Skills with Our Warzone LFG and Coaching Services

How do our Warzone team finder and Warzone coaching services work? To get started, it’s enough for you to sign up on our website and choose the pro you would like to play with. We are ready whenever you are ready, so feel free to let us know when you would like to start, and we’ll get right to it. When you Play with Pros in Warzone, you forget about the time and any possible obstacles in your way. Instead, you focus on the tasks that matter and simply enjoy your sessions. This is why it is so important to us to make sure you get the right assistance fast. We are a 24/7 service, which means that whenever you feel like jumping to a session with one of our pros, we’ll do our best to deliver. Here at legionfarm.com, you can join a team with a pro player by your side and finally start fulfilling your in-game dreams. Our goal is to provide you with everything needed to make your Warzone matches the ones to remember, so if you feel prepared for a new challenge and a wild adventure, message us right now!

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